Tugby 24 hour Sponsored Relay Walk- Sat 25th-Sun-26th June from 4pm

Tugby 24 hour Sponsored Relay Walk- Sat 25th-Sun-26th June from 4pm

IMG_6752This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a great event.
Why a 24 hour relay walk?
Last year Tugby walkers walked the Leicestershire Round over 6 days and it was so successful that we decided this year to do something where more people can join in: for family for friends, walking for just an hour or two or just a few miles or fifty. We also thought, Benefice Boots walkers and their friends might be interested.
Can you help us raise £40,000? Whilst enjoying a really lovely walk we are also helping to raise money for improvements to the tower (some of which is part of a Heritage Lottery Grant) and re-ordering in the Nave. For reordering alone we need approximately £40,000. We are therefore asking each walker to raise a minimum of £50 sponsorship. Our target for the walk is to raise £2,000.  The more walkers we have the more money we will raise.  You can walk as much or as little as you like. It’s on your door step, so to join in you don’t have to travel far by car. In many places you can ride your bike or horse or if you are feeling really fit, you can run!
As you might expect we are beginning and ending at St Thomas Becket Church Tugby. We plan to start at 4pm on Saturday 25th and finish with a jamboree in the Fox & Hounds at 4pm The walk is about 50 miles around our local High Leicestershire countryside and split into 6 sections. There are lots of road sections where it will be easy to join/drop out after just 3 or so miles.
1 – Tugby to Welham – 8.62 miles
2 – Welham to Fearn Farm – 8.31 miles
3 – Fearn Farm to Uppingham – 8.94 miles
4 – Uppingham to Launde Abbey – 7.44 miles
5 – Launde to Skeffington via Tilton – 7.03 miles
6 – Skeffington to Tugby via Noseley – 9.36 miles
Gail Squire has planned and walked the whole route, the details of which can be found at www.walk4life.info.
If you don’t have internet access, please contact Madeleine Wang and she will supply you with the information you want.
How can I get involved?
Sign up and ask your friends to walk with you.  Start collecting sponsors.
Let us know when you want to walk and for how long and we’ll do the rest.
To sign up contact Gail Squire 2598375 or Madeleine Wang: madeleine.v.wang@gmail.com
Here are the details of each section and estimated start and finish times.
Approximately 50 miles
Section 1 – Tugby to Welham – 8.62 miles
Depart 16.00 hours from St Thomas Becket Church, Tugby
Arrive at Section 2 at approx 20.00 hours
Start – St Thomas a Beckett Church, Tugby
Turn right out of the church gates and follow the road past the Fox and Hounds and through the village on the Hallaton Road.
Go straight over the crossroads along the single track road, pass Keythorpe Lakes Farm on the left and continue uphill. The road becomes a track after you pass the large house on the right. Continue on this track until you come to a t junction – turn left and then immediately right onto a grass track. This is waymarked and continues to Cranoe.
At Cranoe turn right and follow this road into Glooston.
At Glooston go straight over the crossroads and continue as far as the Old Bard Pub/Village Hall.
Take the lane to the right of the village hall and follow this track for about a mile until you reach farm buildings on the right. Turn left and continue on this field road into Stonton Wyville.
Follow the road through Stonton until you reach the Hallaton-Langton Road. Go straight over and onto an unmetalled road. After about 50 yards follow a bridleway sign to ‘Welham, 2 miles’. The track goes uphill and is well waymarked. Follow the waymarks with a blue arrow.
Turn left at the first waymark and keeping a hedge on your right continue to a handgate, through the gate and turn right, passing a trig point on the right. Ahead is a waymark showing two routes.
Keep to the top of the hill and stick to the blue arrows. Go through a handgate and look for a waymark diagonally at the left hand corner of the field ahead, then straight on across the next field.
Turn left and follow this ridge down to Welham.
There are series of large fox/badger/rabbit holes along the length of this ridge so please take care.
SECTION 2 – Welham to Fearn Farm – 8.31 miles
Depart at approx. 20.00
Arrive at Section 3 at approx. 24.00
Turn left onto Thorpe Langton Road. Follow this road into and straight through Welham.
Pass the The Red Lion on the left and take the right hand road to Slawston.
Turn right at the T junction in Slawston and turn left at the next fork in the road towards Blaston.
Follow this lane towards Blaston, passing the church on the right and continue until you reach a footpath sign on the right.
Walk straight across this field until you reach a field road. Turn right and continue to a crossroads.
Turn left and follow this road towards Medbourne, take first left, then first right and continue into Medbourne.
Cross the ford by bridge and walk straight through the churchyard to the Uppingham road. Turn left. Continue through the village, cross the old railway bridge and on the outskirts of the village turn left onto a field road to Blaston.
Follow this road into Blaston. You will pass a church on the left and an old ducking pool on the right.

At the end of the gated road turn right towards Horninghold, then left into the village. Follow this road until you enter a farmyard, walk straight through and follow the footpath signs through two fields until you reach the Hallaton/Allexton road. Go straight over and up the hill to Fearn Farm.

 Section 3 – Fearn Farm to Uppingham – 8.94 miles
Depart at approx. 00.30
Arrive at Section 4 at approx. 04.30 hours
At Fearn Farm go past the house and buildings and take the footpath/Leicester Round footpath on the right. Follow the field straight down the hill and up the other side. There a bench here and a wonderful view!
Carry straight on and through a hand gate. Continue straight ahead keeping the hedge to your right, as far as the wood. Follow the path to the left and skirt the wood keeping it to the right, then the path turns downhill to the left, through a hedge and straight across the field ahead. The path
continues through arable fields and at the top of the hill into a grass field.
Turn left in this field and walk down to the field track.
Turn right and keep straight on to the Allexton/Hallaton road. Turn left for about 100 yards and then take the road to the right to Stockerston. Follow this road to the T junction at the Stockerston/Hallaton Road.  Turn left and walk into Stockerston. Look for a footpath sign on the left, just before a lane on the righthand side.
Follow the sign and cross a grass field heading for Stoke Dry Wood. There is a waymark on a corner of the woodland fence, which leads to a handgate. Go through this gate and follow the track through the centre of the wood. There is a waymark on the right towards the end of the wood. Follow this and continue to follow the waymarks which bend gently to the right. You will pass through four fields which will bring you out onto the Stoke Dry road, alongside a house to your left.
There are several footpaths so it is important to keep to the path going slightly right.
Turn left at the Stoke Dry road and walk to the Uppingham/Corby road. Take care crossing here.
Cross over and take the footpath signed on the left towards Lyddington. Again this is well signed and Lyddington lies straight ahead downhill. When you reach the village turn right and after about 100 yards turn left and follow the main street through the village. As you leave the village look for a footpath sign on the left, follow this through a grass field with horses and into arable field and then another grass field, which will bring you to a lane, cross over and continue to follow the waymark until you reach UCC. The footpath skirts around the playing fields and behind the tennis courts –
look out for the path at the bottom of a bank at the far side of the courts. This footpath will now bring you to the road below Uppingham church. Continue straight ahead up a steep slope with steps and keeping left follow the lane into Uppingham’s market place.
Section 4 – Uppingham to Launde Abbey – 7.44 miles
Depart at approx. 05.00 hours
Arrive at Section 5 at approx. 08.00
Leave Uppingham Market Place and turn right following the main road through the traffic lights and on towards Oakham. At the roundabout cross the A47 and take the first left to Ayston and Ridlington. Walk through Ayston and continue towards Ridlington, passing Bancroft Lodge on the left.
Take the Public Byway on the left. This will bring you to the outskirts of Ridlington. Turn left and follow this road as far as a Wills Farm. This is a narrow lane so take care.
Go straight through the farmyard, following the waymarks. The road continues straight ahead and is made up.
The road turns to the right at some farm buildings and continues to Leigh Lodge.
At Leigh Lodge take the footpath on the left, keeping Leigh Lodge on the left. This is a wide, grassy track, between well fenced hedges. Follow this track as far as a crossroads of bridleways.
Cross straight over.
Continue straight keeping the hedge to your left. This track is well fenced, crosses over the river Chater and along a short valley to a gate which leads into a cultivated field.
Keep to the left of this field on a grass track which skirts the field continues right uphill.
Follow the track to the left alongside the spinney, through a waymarked handgate and then straight across a grass field to a waymarked gate. Through the gate, uphill and then down towards Launde Abbey. You will descend the hill keeping the grounds of Launde Abbey on your left. Pass through a gate and continue to the left along the Withcote/Launde Road
Turn left and Launde Abbey is on the left.
This is a good stopping place for a break, but if you wish to keep going turn right at the cattle grid and on to the next section.
Section 5 – Launde to Skeffington via Tilton – 7.03 miles
Depart at approx. 08.30 hours
Arrive at Section 6 at approx. 11.30 hours
Follow the road as far as the next crossroads – there is a steep uphill to start, followed by a steep downhill l- at the crossroads go straight over and continue past Stone Lodge. The hill to your left is Robin a Tiptoe, the story is that Robin managed to survive hanging by keeping his tiptoes on the ground!
After Stone Lodge you pass two houses on the left and 200 yards further on there is a lane on the left, follow this lane as far the T junction on the Tilton Lane. Turn right and continue uphill. At the top of the hill take the left turn towards Skeffington. Tilton Wood is on your left and at the bottom of
the hill, past Wood Farm, you pass through a corner of Skeffington Wood, over a stream and uphill until you arrive at a footpath sign on the right to Tilton/Midshires Way. Follow this well signed way as far as Tilton Lane, turn left and into Tilton. Take the first turn to the left and after a short way the second turn to the left signpost Skeffington. Follow this road all the way to the A47 and cross very carefully into Skeffington.
Section 6 – Skeffington to Tugby via Noseley – 9.36 miles
Depart at approx. 12.00 hours
Arrive at approx. 16.00 hours
From the A47 continue to follow this lane all the way to Rolleston., through Skeffington Vale and into the Rolleston Estate.
Take the lefthand bridleway lane towards Tugby. You pass through a handgate on the left of a code controlled large gate. Folow this lane and continue past the lake on your right , ignoring the bridleway to Tugby!
Pass through three fields, all well signed and cross over a footbridge into an uphill grass field. Aim for the top right hand corner of this field. Continue down the path which brings you to the Goadby turn. Turn right and follow the road to Noseley, once you have passed the driveway to Noseley Hall look out for a bridleway sign to the left. This is about halfway up the hill/avenue of beech trees. Follow this bridleway through three fields – all well signed. At the end of the third field follow the track to your left which will take you behind Noseley Hall and through a spinney. At the end of the spinney the track continues straight ahead downhill and over a footbridge, then straight up again. At the top of this hill continue straight towards a handgate and keeping right follow the headland as far as a hedge, at the hedge turn left and the track will take you down to the Goadby/Glooston road, opposite a farmhouse.
Turn right and follow this road into Goadby. In Goadby turn right towards Tugby. At the T junction go straight over and onto the bridleway which will bring you back to Tugby.


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