Tugby Tower Project News Update

Tugby Tower Project News Update

Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has assessed our Phase II application, which was submitted in September and we are now getting excited about the prospects of starting the project on 9th January. Once we get the formal go-ahead, our income for our urgent repairs is secured and we can commence work on the church tower, hopefully in early January.1bad4d8f-c66b-44a3-853a-65d78dc7ff4c-4662-000004b4e5290abe_tmp

For our new building works (project plans are on display in the church) to improve facilities in the building to make it fit for community use, we need an additional £78,000. We’ve had a magnificent response from people in Tugby and we are now well on our way to achieving our target.

This is how they stack up:
In the past 18 months, Tugby folk, friends and relatives, through local fundraising activities and sponsored walks, have helped raise a gargantuan £9,000. We are so grateful in particular because we are competing with other very worthy village causes.de352239-1c0f-472a-96d7-0024db4c677a-4662-000004b5d8f0821e_tmp

We are also very grateful to the following trusts for their generosity:

JR Corah Foundation Trust £750
Maud Elkington Charitable Trust £2,000
The J Patston Charitable Trust £2,000
Edith Murphy Trust £2,500
Leicester Diocesan Capital Fund £24,500
All Churches Trust £7,000
Tugby fundraising to date £9,000

Although we have two more grants in the pipeline, we estimate we are going to fall short by about £7,000 short of our target.

Can you help?
A little bit of help from a lot of people often goes a very long way.
Can you make a donation towards meeting our shortfall? No matter how small every £ will help towards our final goal.

Some people have already asked:

Q. Why not cut your costs to match your funds?
A. We have already had discussions with contractors and we have squeezed as much as we possibly can from them and the costs.
Q. Can’t it wait? Why do you need to do all the work now?
A. There are financial advantages to doing the new work simultaneously with the urgent repairs as contractors can share facilities and costs. It is much less disruptive and less inconvenience to the public and visitors. The guaranteed contract price is time limited.
Q. Why not do without and save money?
A. The HLF large grant awards such as ours (~£170,000 for tower repairs, which includes 15% towards new works) are made conditionally. In short, we are saving our ancient tower from decay with HLF money and in return we must make our building fit for community use. If we don’t agree to improve the facilities in the building we don’t get the repair money.
Q. How much more money needs to be raised?
A. We are optimistic that pending Trust applications will generate an additional £20,000 but we may still need to bridge a short fall of around £7-8,000.

If you are able to help by making a donation, please contact Madeleine by email – madeleine.v.wang@gmail.com

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