Calling All Bell Ringers!

Calling All Bell Ringers!

Alan Rees writes:

The call went out – Tugby church needs more bell ringers!

The call was answered; In December half a dozen or so villagers met in the belfry to learn the new skill of campanology.

The bell ropes hanging down reminded me of medieval torture equipment and looking at the pensive faces of my neighbours, perhaps I wasn’t the only one who was worried! The experts who were to demystify what hung above us, turned out to be my brother Arthur and Tony Parker – these guys knew their stuff! The introduction included the mechanics of the bell, how they swing and rotate through nearly a full circle and how an experienced team can ring rounds to create that wonderful traditional church bell music we all know so well. They reminded us that Tugby’s bells dated from 1602 and together weigh several hundredweight and when they’re in full motion, cannot be stopped quickly. With the ropes travelling rapidly up and down just a few inches from our faces perhaps our earlier apprehensions were justified.

More confident smiles began to appear though, as each person took a rope and learned to chime a church bell.
The second week saw fewer but clearly very determined learners, and with the help of Philip and Colin we were soon making some noise and even occasionally some noise that came close to tuneful. With a bit more practice we’ll soon be ringing in a fashion to be proud of.

But of course Tugby church still needs more bell ringers, so do come and join us.

Look out for the next chance to ring the bells when the tower work has been completed.

Jonathan Freeman writes:

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the bell ringing taster sessions just before Christmas. I had no idea how much concentration and skill is required when trying to get all the bells to chime in the right order.

It was interesting finding out how old the bells are and how they actually work. After talking to a colleague who lives in Cranoe, I understand that for safety reasons, they are no longer able to ring their church bells. I’m told that in Tugby there has been a great deal of fundraising going on to pay for the forthcoming work, so that’s great news to learn that at least we will continue to hear the church bells ringing out!

Can I also thank Philip and Colin for their warm welcome and tuition. I would certainly like to carry on with the bell ringing, as it’s certainly an interesting and enjoyable skill to learn. Apart from that, it’s a very good way to keep fit!

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