Hats off for an excellent hard hat tower tour! (Published belatedly)

Hats off for an excellent hard hat tower tour! (Published belatedly)

Here’s one group of intrepid explorers happily peering over during their ascent to the top of the tower. 

Geoff Beetham of Stone Edge conducted tours of the tower, while Carl Andrews of Soul Architects gave insight into the changes inside the church.  The tower roof is nearing completion, with new beams supporting the ancient original oak beams together with steel girders and plates. New ironstone has been carved to replace damaged stone and lime mortared in place.  Inside room has been made for a full access toilet, much looked forward to by young and old alike!  The tower ladder remains in place, improved by a tongue and groove wood covering protecting the surface under the ladder.  Many of the old rotten pews have been removed, the cause of the damp has been addressed.  The walls have been allowed to breathe again by opening of vents, removal of plaster and by reduction of the build up of soil outside the church.

The level of the soil that has built up on the north side of the church has been reduced.

36 villagers took the grand ground tour and had a health and safety briefing allowing 29 to climb the tower.  2 people took photographs, 3 helped serve refreshments, 1 made the cakes and 1 did all the washing up – a wonderful time was had by all!

For those not wishing to miss the sights from the top….

The old roof.

The new roof under construction incorporating the old beams.



View of the village looking towards Wellfield Close.

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